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Nexous Network Update

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Nexous Community,

I have a few updates to share with the community about the status of Nexous and its future server builds.

September 19 - Survival Server Downtime
We experienced downtime for one of our more popular servers, survival, today, September 19th. We are very sorry this happened, and sorry for the slow response towards getting it back up. I am working to get a few of my staff able to manage the servers so that response towards these issues can be fixed faster. Since the server was down for a good amount of today, we have implemented a one-time kit as a small compensation for the extended downtime.

Use Command: /kit sorrys2019 (This will expire in about a week)

Thank you for your understanding.

Nexous Forums
Welcome to the Nexous Forums! Hopefully, if you're reading this, that means you wiggled your way here! Awesome! We hope you create an account and start posting feedback, discussion, etc. to help The Nexous grow as both a Minecraft Server Network as well as a Community. These forums will have a lot of tools and information that will help you better understand The Nexous.

If you have any questions or feedback about the Forums, please go ahead and comment or post them in our Feedback board.

Server Builds
After our Factions 1.8.8 fiasco, it seemed more realistic to, from now on, use 1.14.4 servers so that all of the plugins and stuff works correctly. This does not mean you must use 1.14.4. Especially in PvP servers, we will use a plugin to revert to 1.8 combat. However, to avoid errors and compatibility issues that ultimately lead to the unending lag and glitches of our servers, we are going to avoid making the server build anything but the latest. You will ALWAYS be able to connect using any version of Minecraft from 1.8-1.14.4.

If you have any questions, or would like further elaboration, you may comment, and our staff will do their best to respond.


That is all I have for this update, please stay tuned for more. We will continue using the forums for our updates, but we will share them to the Discord for anyone who prefers getting notifications from the Discord server. Please comment and interact with our news and announcements posts so we can understand your opinions on all of our updates so we can adapt and do better as we learn and progress.

Thank you,
The Nexous Staff Team

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