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  1. Hello Nexous Members, I want to apologize greatly for my inactivity, and the consequences of that equating to an inactive and empty server, as well as the shutdown of the survival server. When I had to leave for schooling, I was hoping for more flexibility, I did not receive that, and it caused my to not have very much freedom and ability to work on the server. That is my own fault, and I just wanted to apologize for that. I am happy to say that I now have more time and ability to work on Nexous, so I will be working on ensuring the server remains up. The Hub and KitPvP servers have remained in tact, so we will keep those running. I hope you all will be forgiving of my inactivity, and will continue to play and work with us as we bring Nexous back up. I have for sure until April before I return to another school, so, as long as I am home, I can actively upkeep the server and run it as its owner. I hope you all will stay tuned for updates. I will do my best to return the Survival server within the next day or so, but please have patience. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions before I get too far in rebooting the server, please let me know so I can do what is best for the entire server. Thank you, DeathAtMidnight, Owner of Nexous
  2. Nexous Network Rules Information on Punishments These are the official rules of The Nexous Network. In order for a Senior Moderator or below's punishment to be authorized, it must be applied by one of the official rules. The Nexous Network punishment system works in a 3 Strike system most of the time, and depending on the severity of the violation. Low-Level Violations start out as a 7-Day Ban from the Network. Medium-Level Violations start out as a 30-Day Ban from the Network. High-Level Violations will result in a permanent ban. Each Violation Level counts as a Ban Count as well. For example, if you obtain a Medium-Level violation, and then a Low-Level Violation, you will be permanently banned for your second ban. However, if the Violation Levels are followed in order, the 7-Day, 30-Day, and Permanent Ban Strike System will apply as normal. Punishments for chat violations will work similarly, but the punishments will be shorter, and usually up to the Helper or Moderator designating the punishment. Official Rules These rules apply to every area of The Nexous Network. This includes, but is not limited to, The Nexous Game Servers, The Nexous Discord, and The Nexous Forums. Being punished on one platform will not immediately result in being punished on other platforms, for the purposes of appealing and remaining apart of the community. If a Moderators finds it necessary, they will punish on all valid platforms, removing the ability to appeal. These rules are subject to change at any time. Please be aware if they change prior to your punishment time, the punishment will remain valid. 1) Respect all players and staff. [Chat Offenses] Do not disrespect a player or staff in any form. This includes but is not limited to age, gender, race, and sexuality. [Low-Level] Do not use inappropriate language towards another player. [Low-Level] Do not cause conflict in public channels. [Low-Level] Do not threaten players in any way, even if it is meant as a joke. [High-Level] 2) Respect the server's communication tools. [Chat Offense] Do not advertise anywhere without proper authorization. [High-Level] Do not spam the chat. This includes sending normal messages too quickly. [Low-Level] Do not excessively use inappropriate language in chat. In light forms, it is permitted. [Low-Level] Do not create threats agains the Network, its platforms, or its partners, even if it is meant as a joke. [High-Level] 3) You must play fairly, and without cheats or modified clients. [In-Game Offense] Hacking, Cheating, and Glitch abuse will not be tolerated. [High-Level] Do not attempt to scam players or staff. [Medium-Level] Do not grief any official locations on the Network, and do not grief on Survival Servers. [Low-Level] Do not use alternate accounts to gain leverage over other players. [Low-Level] 4) Do not interfere with the processes of staff. [Chat/In-Game Offense] *Note: If you ever break any of these rules specifically, you will be permanently barred from applying for staff. Do not attempt to block a staff member from gaining access to certain areas to do their jobs. [Low-Level] Do not request to be staff without posting a proper application, and you should not talk to staff about applying or its processes. [Low-Level] Do not attempt to exploit or leak the processes of the Staff Team [Low-Level] Do not bypass punishments. [High-Level]
  3. Nexous Community, I have a few updates to share with the community about the status of Nexous and its future server builds. September 19 - Survival Server Downtime We experienced downtime for one of our more popular servers, survival, today, September 19th. We are very sorry this happened, and sorry for the slow response towards getting it back up. I am working to get a few of my staff able to manage the servers so that response towards these issues can be fixed faster. Since the server was down for a good amount of today, we have implemented a one-time kit as a small compensation for the extended downtime. Use Command: /kit sorrys2019 (This will expire in about a week) Thank you for your understanding. Nexous Forums Welcome to the Nexous Forums! Hopefully, if you're reading this, that means you wiggled your way here! Awesome! We hope you create an account and start posting feedback, discussion, etc. to help The Nexous grow as both a Minecraft Server Network as well as a Community. These forums will have a lot of tools and information that will help you better understand The Nexous. If you have any questions or feedback about the Forums, please go ahead and comment or post them in our Feedback board. Server Builds After our Factions 1.8.8 fiasco, it seemed more realistic to, from now on, use 1.14.4 servers so that all of the plugins and stuff works correctly. This does not mean you must use 1.14.4. Especially in PvP servers, we will use a plugin to revert to 1.8 combat. However, to avoid errors and compatibility issues that ultimately lead to the unending lag and glitches of our servers, we are going to avoid making the server build anything but the latest. You will ALWAYS be able to connect using any version of Minecraft from 1.8-1.14.4. If you have any questions, or would like further elaboration, you may comment, and our staff will do their best to respond. -- That is all I have for this update, please stay tuned for more. We will continue using the forums for our updates, but we will share them to the Discord for anyone who prefers getting notifications from the Discord server. Please comment and interact with our news and announcements posts so we can understand your opinions on all of our updates so we can adapt and do better as we learn and progress. Thank you, The Nexous Staff Team
  4. DeathAtMidnight


    Yes, this is because of a bug interfering. We will likely pursue using 1.14.4 on all of our future servers and if it is a PvP server, we will include legacy combat. So, hopefully this will please both those who enjoy the old combat, but also those who enjoy the new blocks and mechanics in the world. I hope this explains more.
  5. Welcome to the Staff Requirements & Application Format. This guide will explain the Staff Requirements and Application Format. Please note that submitting an application without the proper requirements will result in an immediate denial of application, unless a Manager or Owner has told you otherwise. Note: This application is strictly for the Helper role. Moderator and Senior Moderator are obtained after a series of promotion considerations during their time as a Helper based on performance and activity. If you are seeking to do Administrative work, please inquire with the General Manager. Staff Requirements 15 Years Old A Forums Account (with an uploaded profile avatar, profile cover photo, and details filled out) A minimum of 3 Post Count A Linked Discord Account A minimum of 7 days played on The Nexous Network You must not be staff on another server or network You must have a microphone No more than 2 Server Bans (30 Day Ban) No more than 5 Server Mutes [September-November ONLY]: The 7 days played requirement may be considered to help recruit staff for our new network. However, this will only apply to people who seem genuinely interested in the server (i.e. many hours on the first few days, actively discussing, etc.). Application Format Your application must follow this format. If it does not, your applications will be instantly denied. Minecraft Name: Discord Username: Age: What is your favorite Nexous server, and why? How much time can you contribute to this position? Have you ever been banned or muted from The Nexous? Please list all occurrences you can remember, and an explanation. What do you consider your best skillset? Please explain. Do you have any other moderation or staffing experience? Please explain. Scenario #1: You have muted a player incorrectly. You do your best to apologize, and compensate for the error in your punishment, but the player begins saying things like, "I'm going to report you to the admins!" or "You are a terrible Helper, you should be demoted!" Please explain how you would handle this situation. Please give us some insight on personal emotion and professional emotion. Scenario #2: You're a Helper, and someone is clearly hacking or cheating. No upper staff are online, and you are finding it difficult to get in contact with any of them via Discord or other platforms. What steps would you take with your minimal power to prevent the cheating from happening, or on the other hand, reassuring upset players who are victims of the cheating? Scenario #3: Your emotions get the best of you, it happens to the best of us. You choose to mute a player who is really upsetting you or annoying you, and maybe in the moment you think it's a correct form of punishment. However, later you realize or another staff member tells you that the punishment was not valid. What steps do you take to both gain forgiveness from your management and from the player? Scenario #4: Promotion day is upon us! You feel really sure you'll get promoted this time. You've been active, punishing correctly, and helping every single player around Nexous. You've been a Helper longer than any of the others at this point. You feel like it's almost impossible for you to not be chosen. Your excitement, heart rate, and adrenaline is very high, because you just know it will happen. It doesn't. How do you feel? How is that going to reflect on your continued work for Nexous? Application Tips Your responses to the longer questions and scenarios should not be any less than 3 sentences. Be descriptive. It's very hard for an Application Reviewer to understand your desire to be staff if you are not describing yourself very well. Be honest. Honesty is the key to building respect and trust with the management, and that starts here in this application. We often refer back to applications to determine if you were being honest or not. So, if you don't want to be caught later and be permanently unable to be staff, then just be honest now. You're trying to impress us. Leaving out detail and information can be critical towards your acceptance. We want to know everything you have to offer. Do not include images, and keep the font simple. Answer the scenarios based on your developed personality traits. Do not try to be someone else. Trust us, we will know immediately in the interview if your response matches the personality we open up during your interview. Be prepared to interview! Nothing can be more frustrating for the management than not being able to get you into an interview as soon as they need you. The more available you make yourself, the more likely we will see this in your potential role. If you have a punishment history, make sure that history is quite distant, and prove you have become more responsible and mature through your forum posts and in-game chats. Do not contact staff AT ALL during the process. From the moment you submit your application, to the moment you interview, you are not allowed to discuss anything about becoming staff, applying for staff, etc. with any of our staff. We do this because our staff have no say or anything in your application, and we do not appreciate applicants who attempt to push such obligations onto our staff. If you meet the requirements, and feel prepared to apply and interview for a Helper position, you may Apply Now!